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Care Genie is an app that lets you see who in your Twitter circle is happy or sad so you can care-to-share their emotions. With the world full of diverse emotions, you never know who's in need of your attention or care. Luckily, you have The Care Genie.

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Care Genie is an app that lets you see who in your Twitter circle is happy or in sorrow. You can quickly see who needs your attention and who you can give a thumbs up on their happiness. Care Genie is a responsive web app which can be accessed from the web and also from mobile devices.

ROADMAP: We have a lot listed down on the roadmap for this app. 24 hours are more than enough to do great stuff. But we've got a lot more to cover. Some of the features planned are listed below: 1- Care genie will send an alert to the user if any of the user's favorited people are feeling sad enough. 2- Enable the user to see a chart which displays how the people he/she cares about have felt across a certain period of time. 3- Sorting people by happiness score. 4- Managing Favorites Effectively 5- Ability to watch for different tags the user cares about


1- Login using your Twitter account 2- Check the happiest and the saddest person on top in your Twitter circle. 3- Take a look at how the people in your circle are feeling based on their recent tweets 4- Add people you care about as favorites and focus on how they feel.

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