We are two programmers from Sweden, having fun programming!

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A combination of a card game, a dungeon crawler, and a brawler!

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This is a game where you get dealt a series of cards and have to play a series of turns in order to get your character to the treasure. At the same time an AI (of moderate intelligence) will try to do the same thing!


How to play

  • Click on New Game
  • Select a character and a board to play on
  • Click Start
  • Drag cards from your current hand (Available) to the play hand (Playing) and when you are satisfied click End turn in the bottom right corner
  • Your character moves and you get new cards to play
  • First player to get to the treasure wins!

Browser support

We noticed that iOS might not be supported, the page seems to turn blank. If you experience this as well you can try another browser

AI support

We noticed that the AI is a bit scared of the bigger maps. 😱 It works best on the 5x5 map

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