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Water Resource Mapper

This project is evolved from the idea of preserving water source for future generations. This will help people to add water resources (this resource can be "Pond", "well", "surface water" etc) that near to them.

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The system will help prevent the existing water resource from getting polluted and helps to identify the resource that needs to be rejuvenated for the future generations

Normal users (usually local residents etc) - a normal user can come and map water resources near to them - they can edit the resources they added Admin - Admin can see the list resources added by the normal users - they verify the resource and update the verified status

Future bucket list -- Normal User - A user can comment on the resource - user can express their "Agree" or "DisAgree" on added comments - They can upload the latest photo resource - They can ask for re-verification on a specific resource. --Admin User - They can upload Lab reports and other details explain the verification.


_ Normal user The home page will list all the resources add to the application. On clicking the marker of the map will show the details of the resource on the right side. Any valid user can add a resource to the app by clicking "Add Resource" button. The newly added resource will show and pending verification, till the admin approves it.

  • Admin Admin user can see all the list of the verified and unverified resource. He/she can verify the resource by clicking the "Approve" button ------------------------------ Demo Login Credentials Normal users (username / password)
  • light /yagami
  • itachi/itachi

Admin users (username / password) - admin/admin

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Bootstrap 4 Angular 7.2 Angular Google Map Google Map API Nebular Theme

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