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Live tweet & sentiment analysis

We are show live tweet with some predefined #htags. Then we use a sentiment analysis algorithm to get the each tweet sentiment

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This is an Angular App that shows live tweets form a custom API (https://github.com/ulrichdohou/ngattack2019-livetwitapi). The api connects to twitter stream api et get tweets with some specific #htags. The api also use this NodeJs sentiment library (https://github.com/thisandagain/sentiment) to give a sentiment for each tweets. The stats about the sentiments are also displayed in the app. That's simple .......


Clone the nodeJs api

git clone https://github.com/ulrichdohou/ngattack2019-livetwitapi.git
Set up the api and run it (We are using some AWS services. If you want just use the api from remote at this url
  • cd ./ngattack2019-livetwitapi
  • yarn install
  • yarn start
  • Update the .env file

Clone the angular APP

git clone https://github.com/Hackbit/angularattack2019-livetweet.git

Install and run the angular app (Please make sure you have angular cli installed on your machine)

  • cd ./angularattack2019-livetweet
  • yarn install
  • Update the  ./scr/config/constants.ts file if you dont an AWS account to run the API locally. Change line 3 to const baseUrl = environment.production ? '' : '';
  • yarn start

Built With

I am using a remote api https://github.com/ulrichdohou/ngattack2019-livetwitapi build on top of NodeJs. Here are the list:

  • Yarn
  • NodeJs
  • AWS DynamoDB Free tier
  • AWS EC2 Free Tier
  • SocketIO
  • Angular7
  • Twiter API

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